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left at the airport

You prefer to

  • Delivery at home

    Shipment (price VAT) from
    16 €
    22 €
    32 €
    I choose my delivery address

    My item is shipped within 48h

    I can track my parcel

  • Collect it at the airport

    Pick up at airport (price VAT)
    10 €
    The following day after my order, my item is available at a pick up point at the airport

    I have 14 days to pick up my parcel

    I bring the Tripperty tag and my ID

    I can designate a relative to pick up the package
  • Give it away

    Surrender item (price VAT)
    0 €
    I give my item to Tripperty

    The item will donated to a charitable organization if its characteristics allow it

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